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111116, Moscow
17 A, Krasnokazarmennaya str
Fone: (495) 361-16-83
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The BIBICALL company represents in the Russian market an unique range of dietetic foodstaffs on the basis of goat's milk.

NANNY - adapted milk formula for babies inborn in case of impossibility of breast feeding. A valuable nutrition for healthy babies and effective prophylaxis of food allergy. It is recommended for a feed of babies with intolerance to cow milk protein and to soya; for premature infants and for babies with small weight,  at dyspepsia as a dysbacteriosis, a regurgitation, a diarrhea, a constipations. Made in New Zealand.

NANNY GOLD GOAT - the vitaminized milk formula for children is more senior than one year. The functional nutrition meeting needs of the growing children's organism. Contains all necessary vitamins and the microcells necessary for normal intellectual growth and development of the child. It is recommended for children of one years and upward for prophylaxis of food allergy, at dyspepsia and anemia, for small-for-date babies, as additional source of  calcium. Made in New Zealand

AMALTEYA – natural evaporated goat milk for pregnant women and nursing mothers, also for a children is more senior than three years and adults. It is recommended to pregnant women to satisfy the requirements in calcium, folic acid, vitamins and minerals; to nursing mothers for prophylaxis of food allergy at the babies, and also for increase in duration of a lactation; at dyspepsia, osteoporosis asthma. Made in Holland.


Company "AVENT"

British company AVENT  represents the whole range of feeding accessories equally suitable for breast feeding, bottle feeding or combination both. AVENT range includs breast pumps ISIS, teats, feedings bottle, Magic Cups, Storage/Feeding sistem VIA, steam sterilisers, food warming etc. AVENT also offers Future Mother skincare range, Babycare range.
German company Fixies GMbH    represents full range of premium class hygienic accessories for infants and children: nappies, disposable panties, wipes and underpads. Special cut of  Fixies Newborn nappies ideally fit infant's body. Fixies Extra Class nappies have been designed for sensitive skin. Breast Feeding Hot Line: free nomber 8-800-200-2229 (Russia only).


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