On the threshold of the Congress the Organization Committee is planning to issue a scientific book of the Congress. We invite the participants of the Congress and all concerned experts to come into the publication of their articles.
The book will bring together different scientific lines developed in various countries and continents represent results of interdisciplinary research of scientists from many countries and also multilayered Russian experience.
As a rule, participants of Russian congresses receive printed proceedings together with other documents in special-purpose congressmens bags.
The Committee plans to issue a single symposium in English and in Russian.
Articles in English are allowed up to 10 pages, font - Times New Roman, line spacing 1.
The Organization Committee offers an opportunity to translate articles into Russian. We propose to do the translation of the original with no text cuts as to make the essence of the authors research more clear and luminous for Russian audience.
So, the symposium will include 2 articles of the same author: one in English and the other in Russian.
The price of publication of English original is 6 Euro per page, the publication of translated article is free of charge.
The price of translation of English text is 12 Euro per page (1800 symbols including word spacing).
Articles have to be submitted before March, 1, 2007.
In the covering note the author has to indicate, whether his/her article is to be translated into Russian. Articles have to be sent at the address:

Subjects to be discussed at the Congress and terms of reference for theses:

- science integration in the research of antenatal, intranatal and postnatal human development;
- social, psychological, philosophical and ethical issues in pre- and perinatal psychology, perinatology and psychotherapy;
- research aimed at the study of mental life of prenatal child and its relation with mother, farther and environment;
- medical and social issues of healthy motherhood, fartherhood and childhood;
- psychosomatic health of pregnant women and babies;
- psychological prevention of reproductive health disorders of future mothers;
- pregnancy and childbirth psychophysiology;
- medical, psychological and physical preparation to childbirth, natural delivery and breast feeding;
- pregnant psychotherapy;
- pre- and perinatal origins of motherhood and fartherhood;
- family psychological health;
- demographical issues and identification of their solutions;
- prenatal child: emotional perception and functional memory;
- stress of pregnant mother and its consequences for child and adult: depression, autism, disorders of mental and motor development, hyperactivity, deviant behavior, excessive aggression and violence proneness;
- obstetrics philosophy and methods in actual world;
- prenatal memory: its importance for society and personality;
- parenthood institute in actual world;
- psychological support of pregnant family and prevention of prenatal and psychological traumas of coming generation.

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